[PS3] EU Playstation Store Update 26/01/11

Playstation releases this weeks PSN update bringing alot of good content that might appease the general crowd.

With the release of dead space 2 this week, dead space extration, the hit on rail shooter for Wii will appear on the store for those who can't buy the collector's edition and want to complete they're game collection.

Also to be checked out for the new First Person Shooter demo, Bulletstorm, which has created quite a stirr with they're funny, yet pack action trailers depicting the gameplay, that is on this store update.

For the PSP, they have two now RPG's for sale, Spectral Souls II, a strategy RPG, and another edition of the Ys franchise in Ys: The Oath of Felghana, a remake of the original Ys III.

Besides the sorting of the PSN store, there is much more to check out, so see the full post in the official european playstation blog in the link below for more information

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(All images were taken out from different websites)

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