[SONY] Sony Playstation Meeting 2011

The Meeting took place in Tokyo, Japan

Today, there was an event in Japan that alot of people were pretty interested about. You know what it was right?
Of course you do. It was the Sony Playstation Meeting 2011 announcing several new things including the new PSP 2. So if you missed it and want to check it out, or you just want to refresh your mind after the initial shock you just had, just check it after the break for the full article about this exciting meeting.
The event  was taken place in Japan, and like all meetings of all companies, Kaz Hirai starts by saying how good the Playstation brand is doing, how PS3 is great, how PSN is doing rather well and "More than 80% of PS3 consoles are connected to the Internet" with the number of 69 million registered PSN accounts as of January 5th.

On the mobile department there was an interesting addition to the Playstation familly, the Playstation Suite, for Android Platforms, with also being shown a mock-up for the mobile phone, with PSN integration to download PS1 games, being shown Cool Boarders 2 at the meeting.

After tons of rumors around the world wide web about the PSP2, its finally being announced being renamed the "New Generation Portable" and some of the specs said in the meeting were:

  • 960x544 Resolution
  • 3G
  • Touch Pad
  • OLED Screen
  • Front and Rear touch pads
  • Front and Rear Cameras (No specification of the quality announced)
In the  meeting there was an awesome trailer about NGP and its games that you can currently check on most gaming websites (sorry, ill try and post it later on).

There was  a demonstration of a game called Little Deviants which resembles alot like Populous but in a puzzle kind of way, where you use the touch pad to do every command around. The games will not be as powerful as the PS3 obviously but they still get a stunning visual.

It was also shown how the interface works, and how it is, also very worth mentioning is the LiveArea that gives you something like a lobby for games.

The next topic on Sony's agenda is the "Location-based Entertainment" which basically is like a GPS for local gaming, showing you where you walked and the tastes of gaming where you are at the moment. Another thing discussed is the "Converging Real and Virtual", where you can use the cameras abilities to simulate, viewing points like shown in the demo of Hot Shots, where you turn the character turns to that point of view.

For the NGP, will be supported by Capcom, in which Jun Takeuchi, the Producer of Resident Evil 5 takes the spotlight and talks about Monster Hunter and a current downloadable game is in the works. He also mentions how good the NGP works and is.

The games following for the NGP shown, where Yakuza, a port from the PS3 I reckon which took three months to do, Dinasty Warriors which was also a port because Konima wanted to make the game playable in either format; Kojima made an appearance showing Metal Gear Solid 4 for the NGP and from a big surprise from Activision, which announced Call of Duty for the console.

 (video courtesy of Gamespot)

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