[TOP10] Hottest Male Video Game Characters

That’s right! Top 10 hottest video game guys characters. Why? Well, because the sexiest video game characters are the ones that make our eyes go wide each time we see them, because we feel these virtual gentleman need appreciation and because one of the biggest reasons for girls to play video game is the chance to drool over the guys that are in them. It makes a great topic of conversations and fan art. Here's Addict3d top ten list of hottest male characters in video gaming.

10. Dante - (Devil May Cry Series, Not the Reboot)

He is seeking revenge for his dead mother, has a twin brother named Virgil, has super powers, great body, silver hair, a great sense of style and is a demon/human and that’s why he makes our number 10.

9. Snow - (Final Fantasy XIII)

Despite the fact that he looks like a laid back lover boy Mr. Villier is actually sensitive, caring and loyal. That's right, this blondie is more than he looks. Sorry girl's he's taken!
8. Zack Fair - Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

Despite their feminine features, Final Fantasy males have normal, attractive bodies. Zack is honest, speaks his mind, is funny, great smile and has one of the best personalities of the main Final Fantasy characters. He is only number 8 because his sword size makes me think he is compensating for something…  

7. Miguel - Tekken 6

Choosing a Tekken character was difficult but Miguel was the obvious choice because of his outfit, his sexy voice, his nonchalant manner, his overbearing self-confidence, and his need to seek revenge for his sister is somewhat noble and heartwarming. Miguel is only number 7 because he looks like John Rambo in a matador outfit and in his second outfit looks like a homeless pimp. 
6. Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassins Creed 2 Brotherhood

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a noble and heartwarming man seeking revenge for his dead family. He has a sexy voice and moves like a tiger, eagle, and ballet dancer all rolled into one. How many males can get away with that sideways cape, or those knee-high leather boots? Anyone, but Ezio. And you know, under all those layers he has a great body and the fact that I cannot see it makes him all the more attractive…hummm, there is much left to the imagination…

5. Noctis Lucis Caellum - Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Noctis is the prince of the last remaining dynasty that is tasked with protecting the Crystals. Noctis can fight with unearthly power like telekinesis and teleport abilities. Noctis has short, spiky, black hair and blue eyes, and of course a fantastic body likes every other final fantasy male character. Also interesting to note is that Noctis' hair and eyes change colour depending on which weapon.

4. Chris Redfield - Resident Evil Series

Chris is described as a "blunt, tough-guy type", but to compensate his personality Chris trained and got stronger and that means more muscle mass. Let’s just say that Jill Valentine has been the luckiest woman in Raccoon City’s STARS Division and that’s because her partner was none other than our number 4. 

3. Nathan Drake - Uncharted Series

Nathan Drake is like the male version of Lara Croft. He hasn’t exaggerated features like her but he looks good and if add in his sexy voice then it’s completely obvious why Nathan is number 3. 

2. Sergeant John Forge - Halo Wars

Sergeant John Forge is our number 2 not only because he is a sexy military man in body armor but because he also saves the girl and gives the ultimate sacrifice. You can't get much more hot and heroic than that.

 1. Prince of Persia - Prince of Persia Series 

Prince is like the sexy version of Aladdin. He has facial hair, stylish haircut, sexy voice, fantastic body, great acrobatic and graceful movements and no one but the prince can wear that puffy pants and look as great as him. That’s why the prince has earned the number 1 spot easily.


  1. WTF?! It should be:
    10.Ark Thompson 9.Albert Wesker 8.Chris Redfield 7.Carlos Olivera 6.Billy Coen 5.Steve Burnside 4.Nero(DMC4) 3.Leon S. Kennedy 2. Vergil(DMC) 1.Dante(DMC)

  2. I guess your a Resident Evil and Devil May Cry fan huh? :P

  3. Desmond Miles is goodlooking if you like EZIO why not Desmond

  4. A Guy created in Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Is sexy name is Jake and he's a dark headed tan fella with bright green eyes

  5. Since this was an article made by me, I'll let Francisco off the hook and answer your questions.

    1º Anonymous - This Top10 is a personal opinion by me, now everyone has a different taste in men, you for example look more for Devil May Cry and Resident Evil characters maybe due to them having a personal touch and emotions which builds more the characters emotionally and physically. It's a personal opinion and thank you for sharing your list!

    2º Anonymous - While Desmond Miles is the product of linear descendance of Ezio (main point being the same), Miles is more introverted and doesn't give much (before AC events anyway). Ezio on the other hand builds up more character and looks like Antonio Banderas, the "suave" and womenizer side of him gives him the edge to be in our Top 10 instead of Miles.

    3º Anonymous - We will look into him, thank you for the tip!

    All, in all, we will look into every single comment and try and fit everyone into the Top10 (if not just as an honorary entry).

    Thank you for your time, and I hope you liked to read it!

  6. Noctis Lucis Caellum like uchiha sasuke ??

  7. Thief Final Fantasy

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  10. damn that blondie from final fantasy