If Insomniac and EA, had babies, the result would be Overstrike

Who am I you say?
We all know very well, specially Playstation gamers, that Insomniac does a bang up job in doing great FPS, but now times change and Insomniac went multiplatform to bring us what appears to be a sweet sweet game.

Overstrike combines humor, weird weaponry, common "gadgets" (stealth?), and a team with attitude, all into one, it would possibly be like... Team Fortress 2 combined with Killzone series. But enough about my ramblings here's the Insomniac brief description.

Set in the near-future, Overstrike follows a team of four elite agents obliterating enemy strongholds using fringe-tech gadgets and lethal teamwork. The members of Overstrike 9 are comprised of an ex-mercenary, Interpol’s most wanted thief, a gifted young scientist and a decorated detective. Collectively, they are the agency’s outcasts. But a shadowy organization threatens to wipe out humankind. Thanks to each agent’s unique talents and a tendency to completely ignore protocol – Overstrike 9 is the only option left. Overstrike blends developer Insomniac Games’ flair for exotic weaponry and immersive storytelling with a touch of humor in this 4 person co-op action game.
The trailer just left us with our jaw on the ground, its just full of win, if you want to put this way, and you can also treat yourself with The Hives background music.

 Stay tuned for more information about Overstrike on Insomniac website as E3 continues!

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