[PC] Valve and EA: "Oh it's so on..."

Valve has been the only king and ruler of the PC direct-to-client games, and social features "monopoly" with a couple of feeble competitors who try desperately to overthrow this mighty opponent, until now. 

EA, recently announced it's new shop reboot, Origin, which will make a direct competition for Valve's Steam market share. Origin launched recently and will include in it's catalog over 150 games.

In the upcoming months, Origin will be limited to downloading the best and limited edition game downloads such as Battlefield 3, Alice: Madness Returns, 38's studios, Kingdom's of Alamur: Reckoning and later on this year, Star Wars the Old Republic digital downloads will be exclusive for Origin. 

Origin will also have the same options like valve, such as finding, connecting and socializing with friends, see what games they currently have downloaded and what are they playing, with much more to come. The program is now available, so be sure to check it out on EA website.

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