Stronghold Kingdoms

We all know that Stronghold 3 is comming to retail stores, but Firefly Studios the developer who is making that also made something that, fortunately for me seeing ads in game news sites found out! 

So here's a little taste of whats its all about.

Stronghold Kingdom's is very much like those web based MMO's  you see around from time to time. Some of them are good, others not that good and this all started with those facebook games, at least for me, and after a while I saw that most companies are trying to get a piece of that market by releasing free to play games on the browser while selling you content that you might need to advance quicker. (eg. CivWorld)

Now, Stronghold Kingdom might seem at first hand like a very crude design of Stronghold 1, but for those who actually explore it (and have the patience to try it while in beta) will find that it can be better than any other web-browser MMOs.

The game starts you with a small farm, trying to make a living while having to pay tribute to the ruler (who is another person) for you to survive and possibly get protection. The more you spend in the game the more you see that it's almost a mix between civilization and stronghold as you have to research to be on top of the game. 

Instead of the quick pace of Stronghold series, this one however slows the pace of the game considerably as the immigration arrives from time to time (depending on how happy they are), research takes its time and the more you research the higher the time gets and of course the buildings also need time to being constructed.

Since the game needs to have some source of income, these come as coins for you to buy special cards that enhance your habilities or the village industry, you will also receive these cards when you acheive some of the objectives.
A card that enhances the woodcutters output

There is a lot to explore and the maps (despite being only two world in each language) are gigantic and depict the language countries territories and who owns it. I won't delve more into the details as the fun of the game is actually exploring what new things you can find out. 

For more information check out the already detailed Wiki here: http://tinyurl.com/6ezr7yw
The website for the game (which is still in BETA) is here: http://www.strongholdkingdoms.com/

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Research Tree

Vilage View

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