It's that time again, Still accepting volunteers to join the Addict3d Project!

Once again, we are still looking for new volunteers to write for the project. Here is what you need to know about the positions we currently have

About Addict3d:

Addict3d (temporary name), is an underway news community project, taking slow steps into making its way into the game news industry, trying not to make any mistakes and bad judgments along its way. By that we still have to make our mark to be either respected, innovative or controversial enough for people to come here and read the articles day to day, and that takes time, patience and some work to get there. 

So why is this different from any other news blog or community website?

The difference between most of the news blogs and community websites is that they only focus on one part of the world, in either:

- Game related News
- Game and Tech Market
- Technological News
- Industry News
- Reviews/Previews

Now, it wouldn't be the only one, since we have websites like Eurogamer, IGN, Metacritic that does it, but along the road most of them, speaking for myself, started to loose focus on the objectivity of what reviews and previews should be focused on and most of them, in some communities are bought to "hype" a game so their sales increase. Despite this just being rumors, we don't want that to happen here, we want the community not only to be involved directly in the feedback of our articles but also take part in the developing the project which should be constantly evolving.
Why should I join?

- The project, despite being 8ish months old (new! woohoo!) is building from the ground up, and this should also apply to some of you interested in starting to write articles and news but really don't know how to do it. Everyone needs to start somewhere and this should be a starting point to learn and evolve, and in a personal experience, I had to start reading how to write, and I'm still learning, its a continuous process.
- You will also be part of a team and be an important voice in the development and evolution of the project.
- Most of the websites don't accept people unless they deliver a certain amount of articles or working full time for them, here for now, we won't push people into working non-stop as we are full aware that most people have other duties that require more time than this project, such as academic life or professional life. We only require that people deliver an article when they have one ready, or with some conversation find a way to deliver their articles, once again in my personal experience, I'm a university student and I have tons of papers to deliver so I can pass the classes I'm suppose to, thus not having time to write much (like now).
- Don't want to write articles? We also want people who want to play/build website and manage, its an important part of the gear of the community.

Whats the reward?

Rewards are simple, personal accomplishment, writing skills, communicate and befriend with people all over the world, no stress while doing what you want and fun.

What do I need to be part of the team?

The basic requirements are as following:

- 15+ Years old
- Willing to write
- Have patience to learn
- Want to have fun

The pluses are:
- Have time

If you read all of this, and want to join the project, write an e-mail detailing some personal information and a piece of work you've wrote to:

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