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Hello and welcome once again to our blog! Today we will show you how much Addict3d changed, why and the new options! From tiny bars, to arcade games check it out after the break.

Lets face it, Addict3d blog changed 180º degree's in the last few days, not only in content but also in design. It was needed to further separated ourselves from the other generic blogs we are constantly being created in order

So why change?

Well, despite being a simple layout, we changed it so you wouldn't have any design errors that the previous had, and trust me, they were a lot. So now, its a simple design and no fuss about it, you get everything you need and even the ads stay to further support the blog. 

One of the main discussions we had was that the older layout despite being unique and stylish, didn't add anything to the table and any modification whatsoever would completely damage the design making it broken instead of helping you.

This weird bar keeps appearing, why?

That little bar is our new toolbar, supported by BumpIn who serves for a all-in-one toolbox. For now it holds the following:

Social Network Support, Youtube channel Account, RSS Feed, and Twitter

You will also encounter who's seeing the blog at the same time as your, a translation support for those who have some difficulty in reading English and a search button to find anything on the blog

Despite the small loading time you need to do, this was actually a positive thing needed to simplify the blog even more, so now you have everything you want but only have to search for it on one place.

The content of the news changed, why?!

In order to separate ourselves we needed to start searching for something unique that other blogs didn't cover, so on a extensive search we found out that real projects that are fan made or even indie developed don't have much publicity and work around the web, and some of them are completely in the dark only to those who found them out by mistake. Nevertheless, we are still committed into giving you reviews, previews, news and discussions of the gaming industry but we also took a pledge into making open sourced games, fan projects and indie developments who are in the dark come to light.

Why do you do free advertisement!? Isn't that expensive?

In a way, we find that since most of the blogs don't have advertising, we decided to took upon ourselves into do a free advert program where a development production will get the spot for free for 31 days and then relinquish that same spot for another who already lined up, so if your a developer who wants to be more public about your creations, just click on the link above.

So you have a forum, how cliché and lame...

Indeed we have a forum, but this is no ordinary forum. It will host considerable notable tournaments or have news about them. Not only you can discuss your ideals and opinions you can also have a wide variety of tournaments you can take part of or even just check how they are progressing. Your team wants to start a tournament and need an informal place to jump-start it and host? check it on the information section how to obtain your own section!

The forum also hosts a variety of games (blog and forum about games and no games is preposterous!) with its own ladder system to see who's the best of the best, and for those who just want to kill time. The option is located here.

Your blog is from "Blogger" and your forums are from "freeforums", you are so cheap...

Indeed, both things are free, but this is a non-profitable blog/forum. But if you want us to be in just one place, you know you can click on the ads and get us proper funding into hosting at least a domain for our blog. Like always it's up to the readers to make that choice, the more you support us the more we try and give back to you.

Oh and we're still accepting volunteers, so check the forums.

The Ad3 Team
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