[DLC] Dead Space 2 Next Chapter Brings Familliar Faces Back

After the escape from the "planet-cracker" Ishimura, Gabriel and Lexine make a debut in Dead Space 2 upcomming DLC content "Severed" coming out in March 1st (Europe, March 2nd), see what will make you go running to your mommy, just after the break.

For those who played Dead Space: Extraction, either on the Wii or now on the PS3, you see the story of three survivalists who escape Aegis VII and later the Ishimura and on they're way to the Sprawl (The first time we ever hear from it in the Dead Space franchise). Now the attack on the Sprawl by the Necromorphs is upon them as they try to survive once again the nightmare.

There are some questions that need answering since the trailer isn't explicit enough, where is Nathan McNeill? What happened to him, did he died? or gone into gah-gah land into a state that he mutated? Nothing seems certain and EA isn't spilling up anything until the content is released.

So besides how it is going to turn out, we're all hoping that this DLC brings more scares and fears alive, just like the original Dead Space 2 brought us. The game will be available for 560 Microsoft Points or $7 USD / €5 EUR (estimate).

 Photo's courtesy of GameRant   

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