[PC/360/PS3] Gritty New Look On Battlefield 3 - Debut Trailer

We all know that Battlefield 3 is in the works, but we haven't known much about it until now, and there is only one word to describe the trailer your going to see. Badass.

Sometimes a bit of competition and the losing of its market share of fans and loyalists is what it need to be done for companies to start rebooting or refreshing a losing strategy. Now if you refresh it and possibly still have the same core that what made the game great, and you got a winning formula just there, and thats what DICE and EA did, by the looks of it anyway. 

The game looks intensively darker and gritty, but we've all been fooled before by EA with trailers and the actual game (remember Battlefield 2 trailer?), so we don't know what were actually seeing. Some articles on the web are already saying it topples Infinity Wards Call of Duty engine, but will it actually deliver? We will soon see it. 

We know that the consoles versions will be, possibly a gimped version of the game (maximum slots of 32 instead of the original 64 the PC version will have) but this will all be revealed, and with much anticipation. 

Battlefield hasn't got a release date of yet, just dated Fall of 2011, and with more information coming your way very soon.

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