[PC/360/PS3] From Sieging Castles to Being Sieged

Sometimes being a mage isn't what it's all cracked up to be... 
From multiple nerfs in games that makes your character a shadow of it's former self, to the main character offering a comedy relief, so why bother? Orcs Must Die! might change your mind, and the poor mages profession to its former glory.
The former Ensemble Studio (Age of Empire and Halo) developers, who founded Robot Entertainment in 2009 grabbed our hero (A mage, and he doesn't even have a dress!) puts him in a badass castle to fend off an unstopable army of orcs.

But how can just one measly mage defend this castle? Awesome traps, disposable units and explosive spells are just a few things you have in your deadly arsenal. The game recalls a 3rd Person View of a Tower Defense game but now you can see all the gruesome details! 

Remember they aren't stopping and they want to see you dead, so make a death pile worthy of a Rambo movie. For more details and media content check out Orcs Must Die! website.

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