[TOP10] Top 10 Kevin Butler VP's (And it's amazing ads)

Kevin Butler, VP of everything related to PS3 Gaming, who first appeared in 2009 has been the voice of Playstation 3 ads, and let's be honest, he does a great job. So in an homage to the VP of the century, here's the TOP 10 Kevin Butlers Ads and VP names, just after the break.

10 - VP of Big Action Moments 

When your girlfriend thinks you have a 2 day long movie running, who do you call? The VP of Big Action Moments, just so he can say its not an Issue, because it aint, and you know it.

9 - VP of First Person Shooter Relations

 Announced in the ad of Massive Action Game (MAG), he stated himself to be the VP of FPS relations, a job that landed his VP name our 9º place, because if that actually existed, he would probably kick ass at it and it's competition for his job. 

8 - VP of Add More Awesome

With the amount of work a VP has, we need to also look at what do they do for fun, and by the look of his mad driving skills and getaway driving, we now know that Kevin Butler's kicks ass... at drifting. 

7 - Boombassador of Deals

We all know that bundles are always an opportunity to buy something at a lower price and with a bonus, and when we put the "Bombassador of Deals" on the job and Best Buy store clerk they are the new starsky and hutch, the two man A-Team, just so you can hear the urge to buy the bundle and actually go and freaking buy it already!  

6 - VP of Family Funterventions

Still don't know if PS3 is the best choice for your family, well Kevin Butler can tell you, while he is in your home... for 90 days... without your permission, because he can

5 - VP of Epic Footage 

Sometimes you need something big to show you the product you just got, and then the VP of Epic Montage say two words "Mon Tage", and that wig kicks ass, delivering him to the 5º place of our Top 10.

4 - Chief Weaponologist 

When something isn't real doesn't mean you might cash in on it, so better than Q on 007 the Playstation Chief Weaponologist might throw in animals that burp your enemies out, and even get weapon contracts of secret organizations. 

3 - Regional Manager of War

When your angry at the gods of Olympus for something and you leave your girlfriend frustrated for days, Kevin Butler answers... with nothing but his backside at you in the 3º place ad. Because war is hard managing and he might just need to ignore you.

2 - VP of Inspiration & Perspiration

Nothing beats bodily fluid as a moral speech, and in this ad, he really deliver, with a locker punch and nifty mustache for the 2º place and he does it so well. 

1 - VP of Soiling Oneself in Excitement - Twitter Link

Fortunately not in an ad, Kevin Butler was VP of soiling oneself with excitement with Killzone 3, over twitter, I don't know how bad was he to take charge of such a thing, but it took our nº 1 place, seriously though soiling oneself in excitement and saying it, transpires manliness and sincerity, and that's what it takes to be a VP... of soiling oneself... in excitement. 

So there you have it, our Top 10 Kevin Butlers VP names (and other prestigious names). Do you think it does justice to the VP of almost everything? Feel free to comment!

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