Addict3d - 6 Months with New Design

It's been over 6 months that Addict3d started, and we are making a little celebration by incorporating a new design into the blog. PUBRYMPC5EWK
EDIT: We might not stick with this template for much time, since we got some e-mails from people telling us that it's too cramped and not very good for the eyes. Please tell us if this is true, send us an email or comment.
UPDATE: Due to a some of our viewers complaining about the blog template changed to our backup design. We are extremely sorry if this caused any inconvenience.

So congratulations Addict3d, you got yourself a new template, it's hard to think that it's already six months old and still growing.

The new template will improve how the reader interacts with the website and it's still under some construction on many parts, but alas this is change I guess. PUBRYMPC5EWK

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