It's dangerous to go alone! Here take this! G155 GAEMS Case

Ok lets face it. We hate to travel. We hate having to leave our beautiful console with our so awesome games to collect dust while you are gone. You also might despise the idea of carrying your console to your family members house and play in a TV that doesn't suit your needs or fight to actually plug it in a TV. Worse enough is when you want to go to a LAN Party or anything sorted and carrying your expensive 46' LED TV around. Well, that is about to change, see below the break why.
Console Portability is been one of the few stigmas that this particular piece of hardware faces, we can't carry it around and it's not only a hassle to grab everything around pack it up neatly and securely and hope to god you don't drive through a hole in the road or miss seeing that devilish speedbump.

For those who don't know it yet by the logo we showed, GAEMS is a company that actually though of the idea that consoles need portability, and safety but most importantly no hassle into installing on/off the console and your LED screen by making this particular case. If you want to standout however, there are some skins you can attach to the case so it can be spotted a mile away, ranging from Mass Effect 3 to Battlefield 3, they are coming out slowly.

Meet the PGE (Portable Gaming Environment) G155 and while I don't own one, which is a shame, is one of the most interesting and must buy cases if you're a person who is constantly travelling. So what's so different about these cases and other accessories that are with a similar purpose?

While other "portable" accessories just deal with a specific problem, the G155 actually tries and deal with them all. The case itself is made out of hardened plastic, sporting a very sleek, rugged and professional design, you would possibly mistake the case itself with a executive travel case if not for the GAEMS logo and the lower part of it. While carrying, the grip handle looks comfortable and doesn't seem to strain the hand too much. When opening the case you will find out that the locks latching mechanisms are uniquely designed, again like a traveling case, so that it doesn't "open" easily and are TSA approved.

G155 Gears of War  & Mass Effect 3 Skin - Click to enlarge 
Inside you will find a very safe environment for your console to run free. It brings a support bay that is design to lock into your console specifically and two harnesses that strap on the console so it doesn't slip out and breaks something. It's also padded to make sure everything travels comfortably and it also carries two bags to put any accessories around with are secured with a Velcro band.

The LED HDTV is probably one of the most surprising features of the case, attached itself in the case for obvious reasons this 15.5" runs smoothly at 720p at 60Hz providing zero-lag while playing and full controls for audio, video and two 3.5mm headphones jacks  I haven't seen a review so far saying that the HDTV lacks any specific detail despite the "if you look on the sides it grays out a bit".

LED HDTV - 15.5' screen. No 3D though, we can't have everything.
Last, but not least important is the audio, not only does it has an outstanding quality TV but also plays out a full spectrum audio which by some of the videos shown is not bad, but it isn't outstanding enough to be Wowed over.

If this is still not suitable for you, don't worry as there are already plans on releasing another case  in 2013, the G190 or project Vanguard and its specs are the following, according to Nerdreactor:

175-degree viewing angle
Adjustable monitor stand
19″ monitor (original G155 is 15.5″)
Backlit HD LED
Higher Wattage Speakers (will be a minimum of 7.5 watts)
Officially licensed Microsoft Xbox 360 product
Metal cosmetic trims and thicker carrying handle
almost the same footprint as the original G155
Additional customization options

Now that we got this out of the way. It's good that they got support from Microsoft, and if Sony and Nintendo was intelligent enough they would not only support it as well but also had some nifty exclusive things, hey Sony *wink wink* special TV? Ah well it's good enough to dream.

If you want to know more about GAEMS and their cases just pop in on on their website (here!)


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