[PC] Stronghold 3, the return of the famous castle-sim

Stronghold, a game made by Firefly Studios and its first game of the series released in October 2001 which its main goal was to capture back England from the evil clutches of conspirators that had the name of farm animals and wanted nothing but to take the crown and it's power to themselves. The series had a lot of sequels released which some were very well received by its community, and other simply just forgotten.

Stronghold 3 is slated to appear 30th of September 2011 (confirmed date) and continues the story from the very first Stronghold game with the return of a villain who, if you played the game, will recognize him, only older. You now rule the country and it seem's to be that it's condition is starting to deteriorate and with this opportunity, the "wolf" will strike back.

The game will add a lot of new features, most noticeable, night siege missions where you might defend or attack at night and take its advantages or disadvantages with it, a very up-to-date new graphical upgrade from the previous games and an improved building system which will not only take away the grids and do a more realistic construction and development of your castle but the surroundings of what you put things and were will have a direct affect on the same thing.

But that's not all the features that will be introduced on the game, according to the official website, you will also be able to mod the game if your into that kind of thing, you can play against your friends by either defending or attacking castles in multiplayer and play in accurately recreated sieges of our history.

Firefly didn't put out the minimum or required specifications for the game yet, but we will try and update with a new post when they do. On a personal note, we are looking forward to start a siege online, but since that might be still a couple of months away, here are some screenshots for you.

For more information, photos and videos, or just to keep yourself up to date on Stronghold 3, check out Firefly's official game website here.

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