Simcity Social - Review

Buildings, Sky-scrappers, concrete... and friends! Check out our take on the new Simcity for Facebook!
So finally it happened. EA needed something to counter Cityville from Zynga, and then "this" happened.

In all seriousness though, Simcity Social is possibly one of the funniest games in Facebook right now and I'm not even getting paid to say this. The game itself behaves like a timed Simcity Societies, only a bit more watered down, you build houses at the expense of energy (a prime factor of facebook games) and you need to put gardens and cultural buildings to make them evolve. 

You will also need to build companies to make sure your income is steady and industry to raise your supplies. Both of these special buildings, alongside the tourism buildings like ponds, plazas and agricultural farms can be upgraded either by employing your friends and/or special items you need, but its not all. Money and supplies are also needed to upgrade these buildings and are the basic principals keeping count always on the energy, without these you won't do squat.

Moving on to the social part of the game. This is almost the same that of The Sims Social, you can go to your friends city and either help them out or do evil and nasty things to their cities. If you choose the goody two shoes path you can send hot air balloons and cloud shapes (oh goooody! ugh...), if you want to be the devil in disguise however, things change and you will go into a all-out-war with them sending massive bird droppings and whatnot. 

These special actions are only obtain when you get a certain number of presents (evil or good) and every time you do one you will receive a special bonus that's passive in your friend/foe city. These bonuses range from higher money bonus to more bonus actions.

The quests are very objective and you can complete a bunch of them right from the get-go. You will find a lot of new Sims that will ask you to do things you couldn't imagine much, like planting 3 tomato fields which either you have 3 farms or you will take a day and a half to do it! Not only this but you also need some of your friends to get important items to do the quests, some of which they can only be given by them so be very popular or your city will be a lengthy construction.

The game has hard competition ahead, Zynga already took on the fight to EA by making a The Sims Social Clone called "The Ville", but we will see how much creativity both companies can get by sparring each other, as we will only win with this little squabble.

Don't forget that this is still on Beta status, bugs are always present and to be sure you don't want to be disturbed by them a lot download either Chrome and Firefox, and the latest update of Adobe Flash.


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