Sonic Generations Reaches the Modern Sonic Trailer

I've been a Sonic fan ever since Sonic 2 came out for Mega Drive, but after the series took off to the Dreamcast I've never touched one of the furry hedgehog game, but I think that might change.

Like all of you, I'm concerned about the "Sonic Cycle" that we all know about, Sega gives us a huge hype for a game, that might look like a revitalization of a true Sonic game and when we know, well I'll post the image so you know.  

And it's always like this ever since the Dreamcast. But we have seen a lot of trailers of the new instalment and things are looking up for this speed addicted friend as we see more and more fun for the Mega Drive Generation. 
The game will be released in 1st of November, 2011 and so far it only shows promise, lets hope it keeps it that way.

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