Vaulting your console in a Battlefield 3 way... ... and watch it burn?

Now, call me dumb, but when you encase something that can melt cheese and other strange materials that you might encounter in your life and encase it, it's a bad recipe.

Nevertheless Calibur11, the ones who made the Gears of War 3 Vault, announced another line of "vaults", available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The vault models are to celebrate Battlefield 3 release, and it looks battle-ready with decorative (?) lighting and a cradle for you to put your controller.

But despite the fear that it might over-heat your console, Calibur11 ensures that it improves the air circulation, but I wouldn't be so sure as to what might be a marketing scam. The Battlefield 3 themed vault will be at $90 and go on sale on 25th of October, but the best news (at least for USA-residents) is that Gamestop is offering a $100 bundle which includes the PS3 Vault, a copy of Battlefield 3 for the PS3 and a coupon for downloading the DLC "Physical Warfare". 

Inside Calibur11 Design.

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