[CASUAL] FarmCraft I - Farmville Evolved

After the famous facebook game Farmville, farming games are already becoming a cliché, but FarmCraft proved to be a very enjoyable casual game despite the constant farm games that are quickly flooding the casual game market. So here's Addict3d review.
FarmCraft is a time management, oriented business and farming simulation from Nevosoft and Positive Game.

In this game, you play as the talented and hard working young farmer named Ginger. Ginger was born with strange talents in raising crops and animals. Along her journey, Ginger helps other farmers and fights against the mischievous factory, Agro Corporation, which causes many troubles that you have to prevail.

The game is divided into a series of 12 levels, each level starts out with a goal, but you also get surprise tasks. Just like most time management games, is to fulfill all tasks given to you within the time limit (shown on the upper left corner of your screen and represented by a horizontal bar). Strangely enough, you won't know your next goal until after you complete the first one, so there's no planning in advance. If you ignore the timer, you can take all the time you want. However, the only way to win trophies is to finish before the tracking timer.

The gameplay involves maintaining your farm and visiting multiple farms in the region, each needing some specific assistance to get the business back to normal. While one stage has you trying to earn a specific amount of money, the majority of your time will be spent on completing other goals like selling vegetables, fruit, planting specific crops, purchase helpful equipments, hiring workers, building certain structures and later on, you will also be using these fruits and vegetables to feed your livestock in order for you to earn more money selling pigs, honey, eggs, etc.. 

One thing noticeably about the game is that this farming game it's sort of a strategy game since you have to be prudent and figure out what to do first because your actions can affect the future of your farm, for example, you need money to buy a license to raise chickens. Then you need to raise corn to feed them. Then you need more money for a storehouse for the eggs. This means you will often use strategies not directly related to the goal.

The game has detailed graphics and cartoon-like style. You can see all the animations of crops growing in the field, animals and trees bearing offspring and fruit, dirt drying out in stages and Ginger and her helpers running around the farm.

Has every other game Farm Craft has some issues, for example, the restricted view of your farm, forcing you to scroll over several screens to see your land, you can't assign workers to work on specific areas and sometimes they will start picking things you will need to feed the livestock, at last and more important in my opinion, there isn’t a free play mode, I personally would love to have a farm free-goals experience. 

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