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I had a chance to try the new Sonic game, and putting fears aside, I can safely predict a, welcome back Sonic.

We all know the Sonic cycle, that we all love to hate. But what, years later, someone at Sega came with the brilliant idea of Generations.

A typical in-game screenshot of Sonic the Hedg...Don't expect this!

The story is set after Sonic Colors, Sonic is surprised by Tails and (uugh) friends in a surprise party. Without spoiling much of the story for you guys, what happens is that young sonic and the modern sonic team-up to fight a dangerous foe, and it involves of course, time.

But expect something like this!
Sonic the Hedgehog has been Sega's mascot sinc...In the demo, you get a chance of playing both characters, young and old sonic and let me be honest, I'm not a big fan of modern sonic, but I have to admit that in this game he does seem a bit more tolerable than my last experience with him (Unleashed), which for me is a completely big deal. After some training I could go through the stages like butter and it felt nice for a change, but he learned some of the subtleties of its younger predecessor, like shutting the hell up or not kissing a teen princess!

One of the best aspect of the game is the "classic" sonic you are able to play with, by far this was the best addition in a 5 year long line of games sonic was in. It's exactly what you wanted it to be, well not really, we wanted it to be a Sonic & Knuckles or Sonic 3 with the power-ups and such, instead its a back to basics sonic 1 without everything but "THE BOOT", the speed and trying to mesh out what is pavement and what is rings.

The graphics are what we are used in todays platform games, bright colors and vivid animations in the backdrop (where it applies), but there are somethings that should really really need to account for:

  1. This is not a Sonic Classic remake
  2. Todays graphics are not yesterdays slow-8/16 bit graphics, things go incredibly fast and trust me you will have to train your eye on the Sonic "classic"
  3. You will not talk about fight club
All in all, looking at the demo, the game looks like an O.K game, and you should really check out the demo in the stores right now and see if it really broke the mold or just a cycle in disguise. Besides this might be Segas last Sonic game, as you will find out in the links below, that Sega is going down fast, so it better be effing good!

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