GTA V - Debut Trailer

Logo used for Rockstar Games's Grand Theft Aut...
You've probably seen it, as it is faster than any virus known to man, way faster than Biebers puberty, the Grand Theft Auto V bombshell was announced a couple of days ago, coming with a fancy "OMG" trailer.
British box art for the PC version of Grand Th...
The first of many, GTA I cover art

I'm a fan of GTA since you could only check for lice in the characters head for view and people talking to you like a person who was the spawn of mickey mouse, daffy duck and donald duck on steroids for missions (oh and Gouranga!) so it comes to no surprise that I'm jumping for joy of this new installment of GTA which looks way, WAY better than its predecessor.
With Los Angeles (in game - Los Santos) as a setting and possibly sharing multiple character stories the game once again is going to evolve the sandbox sim genre into new depths.

We will in the meantime wait for more information as it is released, so keep hitting the replay button below.

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