Heads-up: My eyes on Blizzard Games @ Blizzcon

So Blizzcon, that amazing utopia of attractive swag bags with awesome demos and never-ending panels containing all those beautiful and blissful spoilers of the upcoming games ended. We saw, once again, more (or first) trailers of upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft and the new installments of the Diablo and Starcraft series, so to check my reaction (meme style) keep reading.

Sometimes, I really, really hate university for not letting have the time nor the money to attend some of these events, but off with the self-pity and on with the games.

World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria

My reaction:

What I really have to say: Oh....kay. I've really been a fan of Warcraft franchise since Warcraft 1, I bought almost all the book and posters and when WoW came out, I was static. A couple of years later and 3 expansion packs later World of Warcraft turned, in my very honest opinion, sour, casual, and uninteresting and this expansion pack doesn't bode well to the people who loved the Warcraft lore and it's first impact. The expansion looks like a filler for something bigger, everyone knows this as there are even bigger fish to fry (like the Burning Legion) and we go into the mysterious islands of pandaria? Jumping the shark never looked so good from this side.

Even if this was just to introduce the monk class (which will be mostly overpowered/underpowered, or makes some classes obsolete until a couple of patches) and the "neutral" class that everyone was supposedly waiting for, its just doesn't seem that good, its a feeble attempt of trying but this is Blizzard we are talking about, they can get something completely useless and turn it into an award winning expansion pack even just for its CGI intro movie, but unfortunatly things don't bode well for this franchise as it is losing players fast due to the outcome of Cataclysm, so for now, we just have to wait and see. This was possibly, a very low point for Blizzcon, and it left a sour taste on a lot of lore geeks and warcraft enthusiasts alike.

Diablo 3

My Reaction:
"Feels like it's challenging me..."

 What I really have to say: Diablo 3 is still delivering the marketing pull of announcing way, way before its release date and being a "O.K" point and click slashers with its current trailer, another masterpiece of CGI by Blizzard like always, and shows us parts of the story for us to fall pray to the game. In the trailer, you will know a bit about a lesser evil who wants to be the big baddy in the underworld, a black soulstone, and a girl who seems to be in the middle of it all.

The game itself, is pretty gory, the atmosphere is delivering more each game-play trailer we see but there is also room for problems ahead. Seeing some classes, they are looking a bit more balanced than the Diablo II classes, where the sorcerer was king and nobody seem to defeat them, but will the balance be enough? I sense melee and casters will be very differentiated in terms of style and they might not go well together. Other thing I see as a problem is how much the environment will be of use to the player, from the gameplay I saw so far, it just a couple of walls here and there, no fuss, but what will it do for us? How much will we see that happen and how good of use will it be for us. Despite the gameplay shown, we know that most of those are Blizzard's way into telling what will be on the game as a feature but not constantly in every corner or library.

Starcraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm

My Reaction:

So... Beautiful... like... angels singing....
What I really have to say: What can I say to the most acclaimed RTS game in the face of the world that even eastern culture worships more than football/soccer and American football all together, so much in fact that they have TV showing matches. Starcraft II "Heart of the Swarm" follows up the story of "Wings of Liberty", and Kerrigan's still controlling the Zerg and supposedly wanting to get revenge on Mengsk . Now the trailer does give a bit of the story but it does show you new units that are ready to balance the field. We hope to see way more than just this in the upcoming days, but knowing Blizzard it will make us go deep into a broothing depression before releasing more info.

And that's it, you probably wanted more, more details and written like an Oscar academy winner script. But the fact is, I can't due to having a paper due to wednesday, so until next time.
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