New publisher looking to help Indies Games on the market

Rebelplay, formed by ex-Sony devs are searching for an alternative for indies to show up on the market.

The published was formed by Leo Cubbin and Phil Gaskell, who teamed up to create RebelPlay, a digital publisher that offers a new way for Indies to get to the market.

Phil Gaskell (left) and Leo Cubbin (right)

The Company already got two products lined up but with no information on them announced. These projects will find themselves to either XBLA or PSN, or even both with the first one being released in December of 2012.

About the people who formed the company, Leo Cubbin, played an important role in the LittleBigPlanet franchise at Sony, and Phil Gaskell was responsible for the content on the PSN. Both of them worked on the firm's Liverpool studio.

They believe that with RebelPlay will ultimately be responsible for eight product per year and that will try to make it possible for all digital platforms and not just consoles.

On a interview, Cubbin told MCV:

My background is in music, and what happened in the mid-70s was that you had all these big publishers who dominated – EMI, CBS and so on. Then this whole punk scene started and suddenly these labels sprang up that were prepared to spend a decent amount on bands. (...) 
That brought through a load of bands who did go on to sell millions of records. I see us as being one of those labels for the games industry.
With 15 games already at various development stages to be released over the next 24 months, RebelPlay is well placed to be an attractive destination for developers looking to take advantage of the fast growing digital gaming market.
Publishing across the major formats could expose RebelPlay games to an audience of over 150m gamers globally and plans to work across social media platforms such as Facebook could offer another 500m potential consumers."

Source: MCV 

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