Respawn Teases first game development

Respawn Studios, formed by the ex-bosses of Infinity Ward gets underway with the new company.

New Site, logo and Game pictures go online today making the Respawn Studios official. The studio showed us on his new website with a new logo, members, profiles and images of the development process.

As many of you know, Respawn was formed by the ex-Infinity Ward bosses Vince Zampella and Jason West last year after their controversial firing from the latter company by its insubordination. Infinity Ward is famously known for its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games under the publisher Activision, and now they signed with EA to publish the game they are currently developing.

Respawn Studios recently acquired artists (who previously worked for the God of War franchise) and former G4TV content producer Abbie Heppe as community manager brings the studio with 52 members.

Despite only one image is shown for the first game, the studio confirms the title will be released on multiple platforms but we are skeptical about this new project and its the game will possibly be hyped due to the soap opera both companies and publishers demonstrated.

The new game... only blurry and unique photo

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