Reshuffle at Sony Computer Entertainment

The retirement of Kutaragi and Sato from SCEI, was announced yesterday. Jim Ryan gets a handsome promotion to CEO of SCEE and Kaz Hirai was given the hot seat.
*Level UP* (from left to right: Andrew House, Kaz Hirai and below Jim Ryan)

With the news of the already told retirement staff, Kaz Hirai, current president and group CEO (Chief Executive Officer) will become starting September first as acting chairman of Sony's video games branch but that's not all, the changes are also coming from SCEE as Jim Ryan, who is actual executive vice-president and co-COO (Chief Operations Officer) of the same part of Sony will replace current CEO, Andrew House. The latter will replace Kaz Hirai in his actual functions as President and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment International.

I’m confident that the skills and expertise Andy has gained over two decades working for Sony and SCE Group will contribute enormously in leading the PlayStation business and to bring new initiatives in managing the business in the networked era.
Kaz Hirai adressing Andrew House promotion.

Ken Kutaragi, despite announcing retirement will continue as Sony's senior technology adviser as for chairman Akira Sato will retire its complete functions on SCEI.

These changes come at a very crucial time for Sony as they struggle to rise from its server breach scandal, all the uncooperative and rivalry between SCE branches possibly set by its Japanese industry standards (companies are set to compete against each others for better productivity)  that are clearly not working.

Source: MCV

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