Prediction puts the US spending $21.6 billion on Games in 2011

According to gamesindusty.biz, a new report predicts American are going to spend $21.6 Billion on games this years alone.

The report, based on three years of reaserch from the US National Gamers Surveys and published by Newzoo, a market research firm which also claims that games bought online and for mobile phone will account for half of its spending prediction. 

It also shows that the spending is a little lower than last year but in 2012 we will see an increase of about 3 per cent focusing more on the digital distribution, social and mobile gaming than in the console market which seems to be in decline.

"We expect console game spending to seriously recover in 2012 pushing the overall market back to growth. But that year will also witness App Stores and Cloud Gaming making a serious attempt to conquer the living room TV screen," said Peter Warman, Newzoo CEO. 

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