New senior creative director at Ubisoft Red Storm is old Kaos Studios boss

After the enigmatic closure of Kaos Studios (and THQ Digital Warrington) by THQ and the team who was in charge of Homefront consequently transferred to Montreal packed its bag's, well everyone except this guy over here.

Photo Courtesy of  Joystiq
David Votypka, the person in charge at Kaos Studios possibly grabbed this opportunity to leave Kaos Studios and start it's new job at Red Storm who are famous by the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games. Votypka is now the senior creative director at Ubisoft's North Carolina-based Red Storm studio according to Joystiq but it's still very unclear what project he will start working on but the rumors of the company developing a new Rainbow Six might suggest that he will be working on it.

We know that Ubisoft and THQ have been headhunting each others employee's for sometime, but even with the latest legal fights going on we can only fear the worse

Source:  Gamerzines

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