World of Warcraft to follow the Free2Play movement... Sorta

The Free2Play movement, I like to call it now this way for some reason, has affected the biggest MMO around World of Warcraft

Blizzard-Activision pondered the question a few time back, and it seems they made the decision on putting a small percentage of the game free2play but you wont be able to play as extensively as a person who pays, this meaning that besides the level cap until 20 you can't amass more then 10 gold, have their trade skills capped at 100 and unable to trade via auction house, mail, or person. Further to those restrictions, the player won't be able to access public channels, parties above level 20, join a guild, use voicechat, character transfers and use Real ID. Talk about being restricted to do about anything...

Even in the event of a overflow of people joining and starting queue's at the servers, Blizzard will give priority for those who actually pay.

In my opinion (this means the author of the article and nobody else) though, I think that Blizzard-Activision partially joined the movement but the question remains, is this a smart move to make people join World of Warcraft or to test if the community won't pull a EVE riot if they decide to work with micro-transactions, so keep a close eye to blizzard's website

In other news related to World of Warcraft the new patch, Rage of the Firelands, which basically adds more quests, raids, class balances and fixes, PVP equipment. 

So  what's your take on this move, clever or just calm before the storm?

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