The Ultimate Social Network for Gamers

I'm not a big fan of tracking how much time I play a game, and compared to much of the gamers, I put my hardcore title to shame nowadays, but what if I started to track all my gaming hours into a massive tracking system, combining it with some functionalities of Steam, Twitter and Facebook? 

Out of mere curiosity, I saw this little tweet from a twitter account the Addict3d blog is actually following (thanks OneOfSwords) and I got myself thinking, how the hell can he track his hours on the Xbox360 and tweet?

The program he was using was none other the Raptr, a "supercharged" game tracker that tracks PC, 360 and PS3 and not just that, it has lots more to offer such as, game libraries, In-game menus and chat, trophies, internet messaging compatibility (MSN Messenger for example) and so on. 

You can also connect with famous social networks like twitter and Facebook and post your time wasted spent in games. The client also includes a budding system that lets you add, compare and talk to friends on the Raptr messenger and social network, which on a computer standpoint, lets you talk to them in-game without tabbing out. 

On the Raptr website if your a major fan of statistics, you can always check your page, check some of the statistical information they have on they blog if you really are that a nut for it.

If you want to know more about Raptr and its development team, be sure to check out their fine website.

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