Rumour - PS3 Price Reduction at Gamescom?

There is a rumor spreading around the gaming sites that Sony will reduce the PS3 price.

The price reduction will be announced at Gamescom, according to some sources and it will to a recommended retail price of £199.99 so retails can sell it for £179.99.

Furthermore Codemasters CEO, Rob Cousens says that it might be true, and if does happen it will be around September
I would anticipate a further price cut on existing consoles prior to Christmas.
It'll probably happen around September and Gamescom may be interesting. But there's also time for a further cut next year, before Wii U is out.
Rob Cousens
Codemasters CEO

Sony due to it's policy will not comment on rumour and speculation, but we always have to remember this add here.

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