The Successor of Nintendo Console

The company of the console and handheld with most sales in the world, Nintendo, unveiled the successor of the Wii, the Wii U.

This is what happens when 360ºs and Wii's have a love affair!

Taking aside the name jokes (ok, were going to wee u! sorry, sorry!) the new console has one of the biggest controller ever! It contains a 6.2" touch-pad (comparing with the 9,7" IPad), the traditional A,B,X and Y buttons, directional buttons, gyroscopic, microphone and a camera. It looks like a handheld but, continuing, the touchscreen will be used to control what appears in the TV and supply additional information about what your are currently playing and the most surprising fact is that you can play it without the TV, but the device is not a handheld since it would be facing of 3DS. The gamepad will have Internet capability and can be used for videoconferencing.  

A funny fact is that, while Wii was extremely criticized for being mostly casual, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's CEO claimed that Wii U will serve both casual and hardcore gamer, so we might have to take his word for it, because we know that the Wii was also suppose to have Hardcore content. Both the games and controllers for the Wii are compatible with its successor and it arrive at the shops between April and December 2012 and there is no detail on prices just yet. 

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