[Sony] Press Conference Recap E3 2011

E3's Sony Press Conference was this monday, and since I wasn't around at that time (exam's SUCK!) so I'll do a recap of whats you missed.

So here's the deal:

- A gigantic apology from Jack Trenton, to players, and for the 3rd party developers, and a "thank you" to editors for the bad news which increased the popularity of the gaming website news. Trenton said that the players are the blood of why they do what they do and also thanked for the loyalty and understanding of those who stayed with the Playstation Family.

- Free access to CinemaNow and its content of series, movies and such coming later this year.

- Introduction of Uncharted Series, and a demo of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The demo takes us to Drake standing in what appears to be a cruise ship refitted to a transport ship in the middle of an unknown sea. The graphics are amazing with vivid details and an upgrade on the lightning, Drake's stealth seem's to have improved a bit as he kills enemy troops while trying to find its way on the ship. The soundtrack is, once again living up to Uncharted standards. The demo then steps-up a bit and quickly changes pace from stealth to all out fighting and shooting which damages the ship which in turn starts taking up water and capsizes, this made possible to once again check the water detail of the game which is extremely fluid and rich in detail. While trying to escape, Drake gets trapped and the soundtrack follows the action with the same intensity until the end of the trailer leaving a huge cliffhanger. For US residents, you will have an early access to the fully integrated multiplayer in October if you go to a Subway franchise.  There is also a sneak peak on Uncharted 3 but on 3D, unfortunately you wont be able to see it on 3D if you weren't there. The game will be released in 1.11.2011

Source: G4TV

- Insomniac games took the floor with Resistance 3, which takes 4 years after the war, and Chimaera won. Humanity faces extinction. The demo takes place in St. Louis, with Capelli, former beefy marine from Resistance 2, joining the remnants of a resistance group trying to acquire a power-core. The game looks a bad ass but with a lot of gray, the guns are a ok design. After that little demonstration it goes fast forward where the ambush goes bad, and they need to run with the power-core quickly. From falling buildings around you to gigantic chimaera crashing on top of you. And for 150 dollars (Euros aswell), you can get the Doomsday Edition of Resistance which includes, the Move Sharpshooter, complete Move set (wand, controller, navigational controller and camera) which comes out September 5th.

- Sony continues it's adoption of the 3D, including in its small library of games, God of War,Origins Collection which is the HD versions of the PSP games, and also another collection remastered in HD, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus which will launch in September. They also say that with the new games you can play in 3D such as Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Resistance 3 (lot's of 3's ain't there) and Ratchet and Clank. There will be new 3D hardware from Sony, a Playstation 3D Sony Display System (A TV) which is a 24 inch in dimension, the cool side of this? when playing on 3D in vs mode locally, each one will see its own screen, so no more spying and splitting the screen. Another thing to be add is the new 3D glasses that will work with most of the TV's and all of this is on a value of 499 american dollars (possibly 500 euros), the glasses separatly will be 69,99 dollars.

- On the Playstation Move front, estimates for 8.8 millions units and 200 games worldwide by the end of the year. From 2k Sports, a basketball game using Move, NBA 2k12,  is an improvement on 2k11, and it includes NBA on the Move, which replaces the original Dualshock controller to the Move, enhancing the best passes and throws the player can choose from an immense choice of actions, from passing, blocking, picking the player and so on. Its accessible from the most hardcore gamer to the casual gamer, the game was then played by Kobe Bryant from the Lakers and demonstrated perfectly the flow of the game with Move. 

Source: IGN

A New IP is shown called Medievel Moves: Deadmen Quest, a fantasy action game, and on the demo, you see a very interesting (but maybe complicated) way to replace the inventory by using Move interaction to switch weapons which go from shurikens, bow and arrow to sword and shield which are easily usable by the demonstrator, there is also puzzles and interaction with the environment which can show us new ways to finish the game. The game looks like the perfect gift for a younger person or anyone to be exact. The game will be available this Fall.

- A title that is going to be launched today, InFamous 2, which Playstation continues to support by adding a new Mission online creation and a new explosive trailer is shown.

- StarHawk, a third person shooter and sequel of Warhawk, is shown with a trailer that shows us a bit about the game. The game, unlike Warhawk, is set on space and space and the trailer looks very interesting.

- Sly makes an appearance after a huge hiatus of the series, with a brand new spanking trailer of Sly Cooper, Thieves of time.

Source: Machinima

- CCP CEO, the head of EVE Online, a huge MMO on PC makes an appearance and surprises people with Dust 514, an exclusive PS3 game that breaks the barrier between console and PC. The game will connect the console FPS with the computer Massive Multiplayer Online - EVE. With the slogan "One universe, One war" we are shown the trailer which takes place on a planet sieged, attack and defense clashing while the attackers desperately try to land. The game is going to be released in Summer 2012, with a beta later this year and will include Move compatibility.

- Surprisingly enough, we get glimpse of Bioshock Infinite and its surrounding sights and beautiful looks of the co-protagonist Elizabeth and then, in the end of the trailer, Ken Levine pops up  and starts telling the story how Move got incorporated in Bioshock and that Bioshock series will be making an appearance on the PS Vita, but its still on its very early stages. More of Playstation propaganda is, if you buy the PS3 Bioshock Infinite game, it will include Bioshock 1 on a blue-ray disc.

Source: Gametrailers

- One of the partnerships of Sony is THQ, and it shows us pictures of  Saints Row, The Third, weapons and clothing which launches in Northern America on November 15th.

- Another title which has exclusive content is J.J. Abrams Star Trek. The game is fully compatible with Move and a gadget that looks like a phaser will also be for sale. We see a clip of still in alpha gameplay with the soundtrack of the movie, it shows us a lot of environments and a new enemy to face.

- 3 More exclusive offers for Playstation: SSX Deadly Descents, which has special PS3 content; Need for Speed: The Run, which will get the 7 special cars for PS owners and for last Battlefield 3, which will include Battlefield 1943 (bummer for who has it) on the disk due to blue-rays capacity. 

- Kaz Hirai shows us the new members of the Playstation family, he started to talk about the PSN, again, talking about what they learned about the outage, and the immense thank you for the loyal fans. He introduced Playstation Suite, which makes content available to Playstation certified android cellphones. Following the PSP, it is time to pass the portable torch, slowly, to NGP or PS Vita (which is explained on our PS Vita post, here). The explanation for Vita, is that Vita is life, and empowers you to play, interact like never before. We will have 2 models to choose from, WiFi, and 3G and WiFi and it will be partner with AT&T for USA.

- The Demos for Vita start of with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and it looks completely amazing, the melee combat, we use the touch-screen to hit your opponent, and you can play how you want, if you want to use the nubs of the console or touch-screen you can just do whatever you want, truly a good  demonstration and a perfect opponent for the Nintendo 3DS which was gaining a good distance from PSP. 

- When the presentation for Uncharted ends, Ruin, an action based role-playing game which remembers you of Diablo III shows up. The difference between Ruin game from others, is that they created a combat dynamic battlefield that you can use the touch-screen to develop some of the moves and its immense action packed stages. Another thing is that connectivity that you have through the game, we can attack or help your friends and show off your e-peen with Twitter, Facebook or the Game website interactivity.  Ruin can also run on a PS3 if you want to pass the game to the big screen, you just save the game on Cloud, and resume it on PS3 with ease. 

- An unique experience for PS Vita that you already saw, Modnation Racers, that is NOT a port of any of its older versions. The difference is that you can use the touch-screen to create races with extremely ease, taking this it's the same game and seriously not a unique experience, oh and another thing, the game actually was laggy on the touch-screen, now I know it's a game still in development but its the first one that actually shown a possible flaw. The owners of the game for PS Vita, will have access to hundreds of PS3 tracks.

- Wipeout 2048 for PS Vita will have Xplay (Cross-play) that will be able for people to play with friends with Vita or even Playstation 3.

- LittleBigPlanet will have its own game, since it launched in 2008, it revolutionized a lot, and now on Vita will do the same thing, on the trailer it shows the multitude of actions you can perform on it and much to our amazement it will have more then the PS3, from creating with ease to tilting with your Vita, you can do everything.

Courtesy: IGN

- Now passing to the 3rd Party Publishers, we have Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken product showing, possibly one of the most anticipated games of the fighting genre. The game was announced last year, and the latest of information is that they decided to also move the game to Vita (unknown if its a port or not). With collaboration of Sucker Punch, InFamous Hero, Cole will also make an appearance with a demonstration of the gameplay with Cole. The touch panel will also be valuable for making combos and tricks just like other games.

- There are almost 80 titles coming. EA, Capcom, Naughty Dog are mentioned. Showing that much of the 3rd Party developers and publishers we know are taking a go on Vita.

That was all the information taken on the conference, if you want to check out the conference video yourself, just drop by Gamespot here to see the one hour and fifty two minute conference ending up with a spectacular show.

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