Review: Duke Nukem Forever - Hell yeah!

Despite all the bad reviews this game recently got, we played the game and it's our turn to say something about it.
In all sincerity, the game should be better in all ways, but that doesn't make the game fun to play and if you are one of those who actually played and remembers correctly Duke Nukem 3D you would say that it was all about toilet humor, strippers and pig with police uniforms. Now after its long development and the hype people got about it left a bad taste in their mouth possibly thinking that the long development would actually accomplish anything, but it didn't because they weren't actually developing anything and not so long ago the game was actually turned into a litigious problem. But now that it's solved and Duke is back and here is the review

The Story

Twelve years after Duke 3D events, aliens come back with peaceful intents. The thing is, right after that Duke is attacked by them and women start to get abducted as well thus annoying Duke and making him saving the world once again.

The Good

It's Duke - Yeah that's actually a good thing, for those who played Duke Nukem 3D you can now rest assured that Duke is bringing his toilet humor, weird haircuts, hot women all around and for those who can observe and listen closely jokes about events in society. Forget about deadly action scenes where you kill infamous villain number X, here you kill them almost the same way with the exception that here you'll be kicking them in the jewels or just freezing and subsequently kick them into a million pieces, want realism? Not here.
A Health BAR! - Yes, a freaking health bar, even though its called Ego bar i don't care, this is something that most games stopped using and replacing it with that weird "oh everything is going dark/red means I'm dying". DNF uses both things so don't worry.
Kill! Kill! Kill! - The game resembles its predecessor and other games that were made during his absence, although even at times it gets boring, there is nothing more satisfying than to kill an incoming horde of incoming pigs.
From Vaporware to Software - Finally we can safely say that this might be the biggest good thing in the game, it finally left developers hell and came straight into the hands of the players, even though it feels somewhat incomplete, it should appease the appetite of what might be a new game ahead. No more puns, no more memes, its over.

The Bad

The Graphics - The graphics date a couple of years back, possibly due to 3D Realms intervention and Gearbox quickly resolve to release a game that has been in development for 12, freaking, years. Despite that it's not painful to the eye but just makes you remember that we are in 2011 with Crysis and Battlefield 3 putting the graphics almost at an edge of realism (or trying to). Death scenes without execution look bland and again resembling Duke 3D which at the time was all that they could make and not it's just a really bad move. Remember one thing though, graphics aren't everything and this game is one of those. 
The Loading Time - Possibly the most annoying fact of the game is the loading time, we live in a time that these are followed only by the DMV waiting lines, we hate them, and this game as a lot of it going on.
The Boring Sections - Possibly one of the most boring sections of the game in my part is the driving scene, you just get the feel that it will get you nowhere and it's not even funny, you will encounter this problem way more than just one place.
Only 2 Weapons - This is possibly due to all that realism being spewed out of games lately, Duke can only carry 2 weapons. This isn't game-breaking but it will ruin the fun in some places.


After playing the game, we deemed it worthy of just renting the game. It produces a couple of laughs, but sometimes the game can be weird, really bland or a copy&paste from other games (you'll know when you see them) but making fun of it while doing so. We see Duke Nukem Forever as a bridge that needed to be crossed so that producers can make more, and possibly better Duke Nukem games, so stick around you might see another one coming down the line and this time, we won't have to wait 12 years for a over hyped myth.

Final Score: 6 out of 10 - Try it & Rent it, don't buy it, only do that if you are one of those people who like to collect games or really likes Duke Nukem.

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