Top 10: Best Game Landscapes

This week in our Top 10, we will show the most beautiful game landscapes that they have to offer, from destruction to nature we got it all.
The environment of a game tells us more than the actual character we are currently playing or even accompanying, from the vicious forests that emanate dark vibes of "I don't want go that way" to the beautifully destroyed city that once was a metropolis of bustling commerce and full of life. As you are probably wondering there are a lot of environments that can make a beautiful impact on the player, but there are hundreds of them, even in just one game or series, but we decided only one by series so, pack your bags and run to explore our...

Addict3d's Top 10 Best Game Landscapes.


10.  Gears of War Series
You might get the same feeling, but I get shivers down my spine when I see a completely destroyed metropolis or where once something was living there and not packing heat. Gears of War delivers that environment and creates the perfect atmosphere that your are losing the war and mankind is on the brink of extinction.

9. Assassin's Creed 2 (Assassin's Creed Series)
Coming up is one of my favorite games, Assassins Creed 2 in nº9. The game is set in Italy on the Renaissance, one of the most beautiful times of humanity in a desperate search of knowledge, ideologies and not getting stabbed. The game includes vast wild Mediterranean foliage or dense city rooftops with iconic monuments showing in the distance, but everything is surpassed by far with the Venice Carnival.

Whatever he goes, expect exotic sightseeing, being shot at, blown up with, almost dying on. Nathan Drakes explores the untouched monuments and out of reach populations in Uncharted Series, by Naughty Dog and nr. 8 in our list. The wild scenery is melded quickly with the sounds and music that Naughty Dog made for the game making it possible one of the best adventure games since Lara Croft's downfall (hopefully her reboot will be fun). One more thing, more of a curiosity, don't you find it funny that Nathan Drake is always in harms way, he never seems to have any luck...


One of the earlier game releases for the PS3, and needing a much claimed sequel comes our Nrº 7 Heavenly Sword. Nariko and the mighty blade travel high and low in a desperate attempt to defend the world from the evil and demonic Raven Lord. Nariko will face many enemies on various lands, and most of landscapes are breathtaking.

6. God of War 3 (God of War Series)
On 6th comes Kratos, the guy who has a beef with the gods of old. Kratos in his last adventure to kill his own father Zeus for the nightmares of what he had done will try the impossible, make a house cleaning in the world. He passes through the Hades Underworld, Gaia's back, Mt. Olympus and Zeus Palace, and kills everything he sees moving, so count with a lot of destruction and weird greenery on the game in the most fantastic landscapes you will ever see.

5. Limbo
Limbo scares others away in number 5, where the scenery is nothing but black shadows in a white canvas, the game is a combination of artistic touches on a game that is seriously fun to play. Not everything needs good graphics to make the game enjoyable and not every scenery must be graphically detailed to make a game enjoyable and fun, this is the perfect example of it.

4. Final Fantasy XIV ( Final Fantasy Series)
Possibly one of the best games developed landscapes in the Rising Sun, but also one that we are already used to since the dawn of gaming. Final Fantasy makes us look way beyond the excuse of playable/computer characters, their emotions and constant babbling to feast our eyes in the lushness of greenery or the gigantic battle that is going on. Even the majestic cities we see, so why 10th place? We already know that this game delivers in the graphic quality so its no surprise that it would show up, but we are here to see even better surprising landscapes and not ones that we already know they are going to be good.

3. Trine
This game, although never played myself, oozes with details, and I mean very rich details. The scenery is absolutely wonderful and catches the eye instantly. Another thing that the game does is meld the background with the actual stage. Absolutely wonderful settings like the photos above make the game very appealing to all ages to play this game, and this makes our 3rd choice in this top10.

2. Flower
Made by thatgamecompany, comes in number two, one of the best scenery based games ever invented, flower. The game itself is based on scenery as you a rose petal struggling to reach the city in order to bring nature close to men and its industry, how can you compete with that? 

1. LittleBigPlanet 2 (LittleBigPlanet Series)
Coming in first place, what's the best scenery you can think of? Seriously? How about the opportunity to create  a scenery out of your own imagination?  Yeah that's right, it could be awesome, it could rock the entire world, the best creativity is none other than your own, no matter what people will come up with and how big the graphic design is it still won't beat your imagination, because lets face it, nothing is better than you to chose what you want to see and why want a flying block? No problem. Want to make a cloud level? easy. It's that simple, the amount of things you can achieve by designing your own things is limitless.

So there you go, our weekly top 10. Got any comments or suggestions? or just show us how plain wrong we are? write a comment below!

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