[iOS] Siege Hero Review

I guess this year I was lucky enough for someone to get me a 2nd hand iPhone 3GS (thanks you!) and guess what, now I can review games on it, and I downloaded a couple of them, so I'll go into detail. Now hold on to your rocks, we're going to review Siege Hero.

Siege Hero was released in 2011 and according to most reviewing sites, it pretty much rocked the Appstore for sometime, it introduces us to the same physics as Angry Birds (which was released back in ol'2009), you can even say it's copied from it with the difference of seeing it from a first person perspective.

The game is actually quite addictive and extremely easy to play, the farthest you go on the game, the more hard it gets. The graphics are colourful and nice for a change of pace from the console/pc titles that we are all used to see and love. There isn't much of a story, you are a siege hero that helps poor innocent people from the clutches of evil armies by throwing them objects on the weirdly designed fortresses that they build to defend themselves against the enemy which is us, thats it, seriously.

At your disposal are gigantic weapons of mass destruction, such as rocks and 3 rocks in a row but also serious firepower like bombs and whatnot and will face from solid rock to fragile glass puzzles where you need to be precise to get those extra points, and unlike Angry Birds you don't need to constantly reset the game to grab that precise throw because every throw you do, will be like a hardened veteran rock sniper, you even have a scope so I'm not even joking. 

 The game has about 126 levels (Fortress Age and the new Age of Discovery) and you might also see the Age of Pirates banner so be ready to see more 63 levels of pure destruction.

If you have an iPad, don't fret, there is also the HD version of the game which includes... HD! so you can throw rocks at high definition, sweeeet. (Not the same price though!)

But, in my honest opinion, the coolest thing about these types of apps are the constant updates the developers do to polish the game so, if you liked the addictive way that Angry Birds played in your iPhone/iPad, this is a must have that won't drill a hole in your wallet but will entertain you for hours

Siege Hero for iPhone - Appstore  (€0,79 / $0,99 USD)
Siege Hero for iPad - Appstore (€2,05 / $2,99 USD)

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