[iOS] Broken Sword, Director's Cut - Review

In a segment I'm trying to do with continued iOS based games, we go far into the depths of the point and click adventure games with Broken Sword - Director's Cut.


While the original game was released all the way back in 96 by Revolution Studios, the ones who made and remastered Beneath a Steel Sky, giving the game a solid plot and good voice acting for its time made this one to remember, and I still have the copy I bought from a long time ago shelved back in the classics shelf. /pride!
The original game tells the story of George Stobbard and Nicole Collard and their discovery of the templar conspiracy but in this app (which was also released in other platforms I might add), deepens its story with Nico's background and while it adds new things to story, the game isn't worth buying if your thinking it will result on a different outcome from the original version.

The game itself has been retuned for the iOS, including the iPad, and the transition seemed good enough for a nostalgia play, of course its not all good, since the voice acting is a bit off its game and the faces while chatting might look a bit creepish. It introduces us to a different and simpler point and click than we got used to as you need to scan for blue pulsating circles with your finger in order to perform a specific action it allows you to, such as observer or picking up an object. 

The new parts of the story, without detailing any spoilers, is like I said before, a background story for Nico and the answer to some of the questions of the game as to how she ended up meeting George Stobbard and a couple of extras you will find out yourself. You will also encounter a series of puzzles that remind you of a casual game, you'll get some cracks at it, but sometimes its completely nerve wrecking trying to move certain parts of a puzzle and they don't respond so easily.

The price is higher than your average game on the AppStore, going for $4,99/€3,75 (iPhone) the last time I checked in it, and its a big download for an iOS app so be ready to take some time while it downloads, so before you think on buying it just remember that it's a point and click adventure game, it takes some patience to play it and agile fingers (fat fingers will make your character run around like a headless chicken!)

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