[iOS] Cut the Rope - Review

Possibly one of the funniest and more addicting games around the Apps you can find on iTunes since 22nd July 2011, we're reviewing the game we're you need to feed a monster in a box, Cut the Rope.

We all know that most of the games for the iOS are about physics, and you can really get sick with the gigantic amount of games that go for it, but do you still find Crazy Birds fun? Then you should really play Cut The Rope. The game is very popular in the iOS, so much it got ported to Android like other games that share the same popularity.

There is a story on this funny and brainy puzzle game begins at the introduction of your pet, Om Nom (popular meme from the internet!) which is delivered at the door of your house, and then begins the puzzles and the thinking on how to finish the level.

The objective of the game is to feed your little monster in the box (Om Nom) with candy which is his diet, but since he eats like a T-Rex on a vegetarian diet you need to get the candy through ropes and elaborate schemes, depending on which level scheme you are (different boxes have different mechanisms for feeding) so you don't get your hand chomped off.

The first levels of the game are really straightforward as they introduce you to the mechanic of the game, so you'll be seeing some hints and tips, this will happen every time a new mechanic of the game is introduced to you so you can enjoy the game instead of busting your head on the puzzles.

The game is not all feeding Om Nom, but also collect stars, and as you progress with the puzzles, bubbles, electricity, spiders and timed stars will get in the way to reach the gold and that takes some time, and dexterity. By collecting all the stars you get access to the last two boxes and if you think that's all you get you still need to find images in the box to complete the game at 100%.

In the end, Cut the Rope is a puzzle game and its a new look into puzzle games, and instead of a Angry Birds clone or something, you get a game that will last you weeks since each box scheme is has 75 levels and since you have seven set total at a price of $1,00/€0,79/£0,62 its a very very interesting buy.


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