[iOS] Line Birds - Review

 What I started to think that I was going to see was another Angry Birds clone or something of the sort I end up playing a small, really boring game, so here we go reviewing Line Birds for iOS, a really boring game.

Now it's really a fact that most of the games in the iPhone are quick, simple and cheap, hence some are very popular. I came across in my gigantic travel through the iStore was Line Birds.

The objective of the game is simple, dodge everything you come across and collect something that looks like a piece of stale bread, collect 3 and you get the birds power up to work. Each bird has a different hability, but most of them are just plain useless in game that it's not funny, point in case: The first bird is called Kirby and its special power up is remain in flight, this would be awesome if you came across an open field and not being in sort of a cave and with stalactites and stalagmites, with planes flying around everywhere and you can't even reach the edges of the screen you'll die. 

So yes it doesn't matter how much power-ups you get they are not worth it, but what's most embarrassing in this game is really that if you want special birds you need to buy them at the store, now being the game free (not lite, or light or shareware) Its just unfair that it's like this that they have to receive the income from the game, why not new maps, or different things to dodge instead of piles or rock or planes?

All in all, the game is challenging if you want to get the birds that are actually free, and you might get some fun out of the game, but it will run out dry quickly and you will get rid of it faster than you can load the game. Since it's free though you can try it out yourself, but if it gets a price-tag really not worth the money and steer clear.

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