Zod Engine - The famous 'Z' Remake

For those who remember, Zed (or just Z) was a game featuring area conquering, weird red and blue robots and strange game mechanics that got really popular back in the 90's. 

The game was released back in 1996 and it was a RTS that involved robots fighting other robots in various worlds and it didn't came with any specific plot or back-story it was just a pure RTS, you would get in and either got out victorious or beaten.

The game was released in two formats, one in MS-DOS and another with more missions and an editor on Win 95 and also released for the Playstation 1. As time flew the game didn't stop growing, it was so successful that even with Windows XP, the windows 95 version of the game stopped working and the community found a workaround that make it work without any sort of emulation. At the time, it received high reviews, as for example 92% from PC Zone Magazine.

The game, although having huge success, didn't have a sequel until 2001, five years later of its first installment. Z2 didn't have much success and was later forgotten due to the launches of famous games like Starcraft, Ground Control and even Warcraft II and Command & Conquer.

But as in most cases that deliver an impact to many peoples gaming habits, the community never died, and so Zod was created.
The remake added much more functionality to the game that the original game, since Z was a mainly single-player game and Zod was created focusing on the multiplayer aspects. With the help of the main Z community website ZZone, the remake got extremely popular and was a raging success.

So in this remake version, you can either play against the AI of the game, versus mode, or co-op which adds tons of fun without missing the difficulty of the original game. Really worth to try it out!

The game is available on Windows, Linux and there is also a remake for iPhone/iPod/iPad through the Apple Store. Here are some useful links if your interested in learning more
The Zod Engine Project Page - http://bit.ly/y6C7VI
The ZZone Community Page - http://bit.ly/whWPe5

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