[iOS] Fruit Ninja - Review

In this review, we will show you how a game will make you have fun playing but hours mastering it in Fruit Ninja review just after the break.

Fruit Ninja is a game that is on its latest release 1.7.1, released in 26th of June 2011 by Halfbrick Studios and is possibly the most basic game you can see, seriously its just cutting fruit. This however, is not a bad thing as the game is completely addictive and hard to master.

The game includes 3 modes which are pretty much of the same, thats Arcade, Zen and Classic. You got the normal classic mode which will make you slice food indefinitely until either you slice a bomb and blow yourself up or miss three pieces of fruit, sounds easy right? but the game can gets harder as bombs and fruit fly almost seemlessly into the air as you dangle try desperatly to slice them without touching the bomb, there is only one weird power up which is the pommegranate that you need to slice it as fast as possible so you can get more points for it. The Arcade mode is possibly the funniest and addictive of all, as there are power ups that can slow the fruit or create a shower that would make a fruitarians wet dream, there are still bombs but in here they reduce the timer you have instead of blowing you to the menu. Lastly, the Zen mode is just fruit, no bombs, in 60 seconds for you to slice peacefully.

The game would rather be boring if it was just this, but the game had more to it, you can compete with your friends online on the Game Center, and you have acchievements to unlock as new blades which will look pretty superfluous as your finger will almost hide the blade.

Concluding, the game will keep you hooked by its sheer simplicity, but if you are a person who likes to develop more in a game as look more for games like Broken Sword or Simcity DLX you won't get much a kick out of it but still enjoy it for a couple of days. The game is now at €0,79/$0,64 at the App Store, which is a pretty good price for the simple games like stated before in previous games, my advice on this however is simple, buy it only if you plan on just having fun, if you want to "complete" or be the best in your group of friends you'll just throw away your money.

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