[iOS] The Secret of Monkey Island SE - Review

Today we review a game for the nostalgic in, The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition for the iOS.

For those who are old enough to remember the name of Guybrush Threepwood and his adventures as a would-be pirate, you can now rejoice in its remake... in a mobile.... 

But for those who don't know the game, The Secret of Monkey Island was part of the graphic adventure game on a time that the genre was like COD today and it created a lot (and I mean a LOT) of fans in its time and it still does. Monkey Island was first released back in 1990 by Lucas Arts (when they also made games that didn't have anything to do with star wars, unless it was has a cameo or easter egg, so you might not remember that time) and written by Ron Gilbert (collaborated in Penny Arcade Game), Tim Schafer (owner of Double Fine Productions) and David Grossman (Design Director of the Remake of Monkey Island) which at the time were all happy in Lucas Art making games.

The story of the game (without revealing the details for those who are new to the series) tells us of a guy with a peculiar name and a strange code of ethics for someone who wants to join the pirates and embroils himself on an adventure to save his fair lady, to do so, he first needs to become a pirate, get a ship, get a crew and the luck so that nobody mutinies on his ship until he rescues who might need being rescue. You will find yourself sometimes broiled down to weird sword-fights which insults do more damage to you than the cuts themselves!

Now, we know that the remake was also released for the computer, and what you get on your iProduct is just that, a ported version of the game with a twist, you don't have a mouse connected anywhere near your iOS based system, so you will find yourself struggling very hard to learn the controls (specially if you previously played a Broken Sword game) and to manage them quickly enough will take a couple of times for you to do it, and much much patience.

Another thing that you might notice is when you do the "enlarge" move on the screen you will get sucked into the game and travel to the 1990's and see how it was back than, which is awesome for those who really loved the game at the time...

The Making of

In conclusion, the game is really good, will keep you entertained and will possibly (not promising anything) make you laugh for the ridiculous things you'll hear on it. If you have the money for it buy it, you won't be disappointed, but if you do play more on the computer buy it there as the controls are much better suited for this type of game.
Full Game:
Special Remark - There is also a demo, so check out in iTunes.

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