*Almost* Everything you need to know about Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is getting really, really close to its launch date, so we decided to compile some things about it, from other game news industry, for you to decide if you want to buy the game or pass it over (of course you want it *wink wink*)

Shortening a lot of what you are going to see, Battlefield 3 is the supposedly "Third" installment of the battlefield series (but its like Battlefield 6 if you count 2042, and Bad Company series, Xbox Modern Combat) and the direct competitor of Call of Duty Modern Combat series which is also very close to release, and we will try to get some info on it as well. Now there is ALOT of information you might want to check before you make the purchase (if your not a day 1 buyer and/or pre-order), so here is almost all the things you need to know (links from Kotaku and Joystiq) specially marked for your convenience. Note that some of the links may be of the same subject but from different news blogs.

Our Article on Battlefield 3 not so long ago with some information about the game engine and the game itself:
Battlefield 3: Something that might be worth the wait






Console VS PC:

Digital Distribution:

If you see something important missing from the links, please post it on the comments section below and we will add it for the convenience of all the readers!
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