Battlefield 3: Something That Might be Worth the Wait

Battlefield 3 is getting a lot of buzz lately due to it's incredible (almost unbelievable) graphics and gameplay but also due to its direct competition with Modern Warfare 3. So whats all the fuss about and why should you wait for Battlefield 3?

Battlefield 3 from EA's developer DICE is causing a stir in what might be the direct competition of Modern Warfare 3 bringing to the table a lot of new ideas to the series, DICE Executive Producer, Patrick Bach when questioned by Gamespot about this said competition, he promptly replies the following:
To us it’s important to stay focus on building a Battlefield 3. We don’t want to play second fiddle or be a copy – no one wants to be the cover band, you want to be the star. So trying to copy someone else will also put you in second place. We know that we can build great Battlefield games and that’s what we’re doing here as well.
He also added that the Series will move the FPS genre forward, but how much forward and at what expense?  The game is using the newly Frostbyte 2 engine which takes fully advantage of your Computer's DirectX 11 API (but won't be compatible with DirectX 9, therefore Windows XP) and 64-bit processors, also the engine from what was shown in SIGGRAPH 2010 demonstrates that it can handle even the most detailed lightning effects on a quasi-realist lightning demonstration. 
We wanted to create the most immersive and emotionally powerful Battlefield game ever and we needed new technology to deliver on our vision.
 Patrick Bach,
Executive Producer  

Most of the people are already thinking if EA and DICE are close to reaching the graphical wall barrier, a barrier which halts the graphical evolution of games due to its almost realist nature, but we have to remain skeptical when making such references because we know there is always room for improvement and room for new ideas and more fluid, but one thing that we know is that they are very close, or already reached its goal to achieve the technology they ultimately needed.

Although there aren't any specifications yet for Battlefield 3, the website EnterBF3 aware of the engine specifications expect the following computer specifications.
Minimum System Requirements
Processor: Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 15 GB for Digital Version, 10 GB for Disc Version
Video Memory: 256 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 10
Keyboard and Mouse
DVD Rom Drive

Recommended System Requirements
Processor: Quadcore Processor
Memory: 4 GB
Hard Drive: 15 GB for Digital Version, 10 GB for Disc Version
Video Memory: 512 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 11
Keyboard and Mouse
DVD Rom Drive
 Mind that these requirements are just speculations and might not represent the original specifications that DICE will give.

But not everything is painted gold. Despite it's ultimate performance on the Computer, the consoles might get the worse part of the deal with the game due to its last demonstration showing a 50% frame reduction (from 60 to 30) of what its main competitor (Modern Warfare 3) claims to have and the game wasn't even tested during a lot of action involved. Not only this but the console will also receive a player cap lower to its PC counterpart (from 64 to 32), but the thing about Battlefield series on console is that they always (or almost always) had 32 player cap so it might not take the flare of those enthusiasts who want to grab it for the console.

Battlefield 3 already won 40 awards out of 60 nominations at E3 (click HERE) and caused a big media coverage on Dreamhack on Sweden now sets its eyes on Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Daniel Matros, the Global Battlefield Community Manager at DICE states the following on twitter regarding Gamescom:
Oh yea, we´ll be at Gamescom in full force this year :)
We might see a possible Battlefield 3 Beta test at Gamescom this year although this are only suppositions since we won't be able to attend Gamescom, we will try and get you the best information possible on all fronts on this event so check out more information at the end of August.

We are still a long way until October, but here are some screenshots and trailers for you until you wait.

Operation Rolling Thunder


Operation Metro

Battlefied 3 Trailers

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