[CONTEST] - This is your time to shine!

Are you a designer, or practicing to be one? Do you think your photoshop or photographer skills are good?
Do you want some of your work to be the logo of Addict3d Blog? Or maybe you know someone who would like doing this? Check after the break for details on the this exciting contest!

Addict3d isn't slowing down despite the slow news (people got real life things to do right?), so in order to shake things up were throwing you people a contest for the best art you can do, the winner will have its artwork exposed as all around the blog to use in news articles, top10, author rants and publicity!

The contest will be divided into three parts. 
The first part consists on creating these banners and logos for the Addict3d Blog:
  • 520x200 Logo Banner for Addict3d
  • 640x320 TOP10 Addict3d Banner for main page
  • 640x320 Topic of the Week Banner for Main page
  • A free art to publish when saying the results of who won (Optional).
All pictures must have the following to be accepted:
  • Thumbnails for the three images.
  • Author's name in all the pictures so people get credit. In the free art you can use your name in any way you want.
  • The three images must be present.
  • Must not have any sexual, gore, political or religious content.
  • The e-mail with the attachments must contain: Your name (or nickname if you don't want to publicly release your name), age and country.
The first phase of the process will be selecting all the art that meets the criteria. We will give 1 month for people to get time to think of a good game theme, make the art with a steady pace and not in a big rush.

The second phase will be the voting process and will occur each week (depending on how much entries we got) and it will be a voting process between the community, leaving the decision to them. Like I said, depending on how many entries we get will either prolong or shortens this phase.

Each week we will vote the best of 3 entries into the next phase.

On the last phase, its the ultimate art stand-off which all the victors of the previous phase will battle for the title. In this one, not only does the public get the same impact, but also the administrators. In the end there can be only one victor and the winning party will get an exclusive interview about his art, his winning artwork alongside with its display. 

The voting will be the same time-frame as the second phase: One Week

So even if you aren't an artist, but you know people who are and do this for fun and kicks, why not get acknowledged?  

Send your entry to addict3dgamingblog@gmail.com and good luck out there!
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