Introducing: Reasons why I don't want to live in this planet anymore - Game Edition

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In todays post I'm going to start a periodical article intitled "Why I don't want to live in this planet anymore - Game Edition" which will focus on my view of the wrongs of the game industry and community.

So for the first article the reason why I don't want to live on this planet anymore is kids playing online (and those with a mic). Now I love being able to play with people online, its one of the up things of this generation, but god why do kids obsession with opening their mouths online (and not only that)...

A general chunk of kids these days talk like they have been kicked in the nads so much that their voice are forever in a high pitch voice. There is nothing more hardcore than going on a kill streak and listening to someone screetch how hardcore you are, or even worse, when they start blabbing their first world problems specially when its a derivative of their pre pubescent platonic love affairs. 

I know that we were all kids, but in my day we didn't had to put up with our pitch deafening peers, we would either ignore them and leave or beat the crap out of them teach them on the ways of building character, well, I was one of those being mashed up into a bloody pulp, but I didn't screech like monster from the horror flicks.

It's not all the pitchy voice that makes me run for the hills but also the way kids use virtual chat to vent out their world frustrations, either by yelling or a by rearranging a symphony of swearing that would make an 80 year old cursive tavern grandpa blush. I mean where do they learn such demonic tongue? It's amazing how I not only increase my skills but also keep updated with the constant stream of slang and curses that kids say these days, but this isn't even my "favorite" part. That is really when they start threatening you that they will kill you and start crying because you can actually get them so many times in a row, I mean talk about traumatic experiences here.

It is true that the most of the people online playing games are kids. In our time we played it on dual-screen, or even for those who were knowledgeble played online through various ways, but I don't recall, EVER, seeing a friend of mine saying to my face "I WILL GUT YOU!" and run away crying, its just silly.

But in due fairness of the situation, it's not only kids but some adults too who seem to stop at puberty, but these rare breeds of people can make it even worse for you as they have an arsenal of trolling devices at the ready to make your game experience a living hell, from soundboards to weird codec'ed dubstep, you see everything nowadays.

And for those who think that "You have the mute option, dumbass" approach is sufficient, how about those who really want to ruin your game experience, by either behaving like a jackass and not do anything correctly, teamkilling you just to annoy you and my personal favourite creepy weird chat.

I think at one time, I actually stopped playing free games because of that, I could see the strange conversations of kids saying what they think of the world, flying around like brain death sentences that would make them commit suicide, or the idea of them already talking about 18+ topics like they were pros makes my head spin and cower in fear for future generations, which I wonder if they will start talking about those same topics when they are like 5. Who knows

 You can't seem to run away from the stigma today of kids ruining your multiplayer game, my faith in humanity would be restored if parents actually sticked with the PEGI warnings and whatnot, kids would still have a decent childhood and not a virtual one with constant yelling and rage quits.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

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