Experience the American Independence War - Assassins Creed 3

After some of the images leaked and the official announcement by Ubisoft we are now certain that what we have seen in all the game news websites is true: Assassins Creed 3 will take place in the American Independence War. So with this we have decided to compile much of the information released so check below for what we gathered so far.

I think when we first saw the images some people might have thought they were edited and fake, but after a while and a Game Informer mistake things started to feel pretty much real. Assassins Creed 3 is a 3 year project (irony?) in the making which takes place on fresh American soil during the Independence Wars but lets put everything in order so you can get a clear picture.

Official Cover released by Ubisoft
Where does it take place exactly?
Its in the 18th Century colonial-era America, more exactly in the American Revolution setting of 1776, around the areas of Boston and New York. You could've called the Ubisoft team "patriot" but don't forget its a French based Company and a multi-cultural development team.

Who's the new guy?
His name is Connor or Rothnhakéton (which is pronounced Ra-doon-ha-gay-doo) since he is half British and half native-American, Ubisoft will explore this duality on the game and how it affects the character. He will be different from the previous characters Ezio and Altair but with some similar traits.

What can I expect from the plot so far?
Well details are still a bit dark on what the general plot will be, but you will see historical events through the eyes of the "Assassin versus Templar" world, from the night ride of Paul Revere to the great fire of New York. You will also witness and participate in wartime events such as the battle of Bunker Hill, Saratoga, or Forge Valley. You will see historical figures such as George Washington and if speculation permits Benjamin Franklin as the possible replacement for Leonardo Da Vinci of the previous installment.

The image that gave us the first look at Connor
So what is it "new" in this installment of AC?
Basically, Ubisoft is getting pretty public about the new update their Anvil Tech game engine received, so there is already a small glimpse of what there is to do and the changes we will notice in AC3.  The player will see a grow in population as instead of the usual 100 people which was the cap limit for previous Assassins Creed games, you will see a couple of thousands more. But that's not the only thing that changes, as the environment itself needed to be upgraded for the massive lush forests that we will encounter in northern America, so you will see the engine upgrade in action as seasons will change creating and eliminating ways to move around such as lakes freezing over in the winter, settlements will also move around as time goes by and events develop.

There will be new gameplay which is reasonable as we change our environment from highly populated areas riddled with housings to a more wild environment, using tree's and bushes and elements of the season, like snow, to stalk your pray instead of the usual Mediterranean roof. Not only that but we might see a biological feature (running on speculation here) that you will need to eat and drink to stay alive and retain your vigor.

Another thing we will see is the implementations of clubs and small groups that will ask you to join them as your skill increase, like a hunting club.

Full cover art
When is it going "gold"?
Ubisoft slated the release for October this year, and this might be the last Assassins Creed for a bit as they said that they would take a break from the series after this.

I see a lot of text I don't see much pictures, what gives?
Ok, ok here ya go all the media available so far (02/03/2012)

So far so good, although this game is already getting a bit of attriction from its  main player base mainly because of the era, what do you think? Leave us a comment below or on our facebook and forum! And be sure to sign up for our twitter account as well!

Update: The Assassins Creed II Trailer is now live @ ubisoft link below and commentary here.
Sorry for the late trailer update as I had to go to uni, here it goes!

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  1. would be great if you could post a video

    1. No video as of yet, but be sure to check out either Ubisoft website, or addict3d after the count-down gets to zero (check AC official website link) as it might be a teaser release.


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