[PS3] Being Hero is Optional (but not if you want the platinum trophy ) - inFamous 2 Trailer

InFamous 2 is pretty close to it's rumored release date and Playstation.blog (Europe) keeps reminding us of that, today they released a new trailer, so be sure to check it out.

So after they released information about that awesome collector's edition and pre-order deals last week, and explaining how Karma works around in the game, PS.Blog releases a new trailer detailing how Cole will struggle between good and evil while gaining new shocking skills and how it's transformation is affected by which side you are going through.

Be sure to check InFamous 2 website for more details about the new characters, the old ones and some kickass photos. The game release date is still to be announced but its schedule this year with some rumours that it's the 28th of March

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