Nintendo hates games, and indirectly gamers

In a news article published by Destructoid, Nintendo shareholders hates games.
Some Nintendo shareholders really should keep their mouths shut from time to time as a shareholder recently made a statement that videogames are a waste of time and even reprimanded president Satoru Iwata for not giving Wii Fit to Tohoku earthquake victims.
I’m concerned about the falling stock price. I own stock, but I don’t own a single Nintendo product. (...) believe games are a waste of time. By the way, the reason I own Nintendo stock is because the name is nice, it’s in Kyoto and it was listed in the year of my birth.

Statement from shareholder provided by Destructoid.

While hearing the statement Iwata promptly replied to the shareholder that even though some people hates games, some don't and by that Nintendo continues to exist, but he didn't just stayed with this response he continued by saying that they [Nintendo] would like to eliminate the thought of games are linked to something as negative as to crime being linked to games but also raise the games social importance. So they should work on expanding the gaming population, including the shareholder.

But this debate didn't end here as the shareholder made a  very offensive remark regarding the Tohoku earthquake disaster and Wii Fit:
During the Tohoku earthquake disaster, I believe people in the evacuation centers were lacking in exercise. Why didn’t you bring Wii Fit to them? Why didn’t you show off to the media that you’re doing more for the victims?
Unnamed  Shareholder

While people that are linked to the gaming industry and making these kinds of remarks we will always continue to receive a bad image and crude defenses against the evolution of games and its ideal but for those who do keep hating here's something for you.

To read the full statement click here.

Source: Destructoid

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