Resistance 3 Development diary, Chimaera and you!

Resistance 3 is possibly one of the most anticipated games for the E3 due to major marketing Insomniac managed to do and of course the continuation of the story. In this development diary you will know what you are really up against on this new installment of the series.

The new video (posted below) is focused more on the new Chimeran enemies and its artificial intelligence improvements Insomniac made including the enhanced group tactics.
We definitely wanted to be more about player choice, and for it to feel like the enemy AI reacting to what the player is doing and to do that we wrote something (...) called job board.
Adam Noonchester, Programmer

Job Board is a tool that developers use to say who stays were basically, it designates what enemy AI and how many are defending how many are attacking but still retaining a "scripted good feeling" cinematic battles. This makes the player fight more intelligent battles instead of the dummy going to charge.

We also see new enemy units, one of those is called the grim which is a halfway hybrid and human, there are the new dumb units that will charge you in-game without thinking of the consequence, which will definitely be a shotgun in the head. You will also re-encounter the hybrid Chimaera, now more intelligent and better suited to the cold environment since the Chimaera started to change in Resistance 2. One of the things you will notice is the lack of armor they had from the previous installment which was to cool them off, so without the armor they are more agile and powerful. This isn't all there is from the improvements so you should really see the video for more art and information about the new foes you will be fighting against.

Resistance 3 release date is on the September 6th, 2011.

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