[PS3] Dance Dance Revolution: New Moves Review

Put on your favourite socks and sweatpants, we're reviewing Dance Dance Revolution: New Moves for the PS3.

So DDR (or Dance Dance Revolution) is almost a religion in certain parts of the globe, its housed everywhere from Arcades, to homes and even to special competitions you can see it everywhere. It was created by Konami in the late 90's in Japan and after a while it spread like wildfire through out the world, everybody wanted to dance as much as they wanted to create their very own rock band, so it gained a lot of reputation very fast, producing a lot of YouTube videos about it, and even some of them funny\amazing enough to watch. 

So for PS3 we got Dance Dance Revolution: New Moves, which goes a bit away from any of the previous instalments, and you will notice this specifically in a couple of things. The first of it is the background which was replaced by an idea of someone who thought being in a acid trip was cool with music and slammed it in, which started to be a controversy between fans of the franchise as it was not accepted by many. Another problem that the game had was the music, now there are some very good songs in the game don't get me wrong, the problem is some of them are slow musics. 
In a dance game. 
Where your purpose is to dance.

So you can see the frustration of a person while dancing a very hard DDR song and then switch back to a music like Mraz's, I'm Yours which doesn't make any sense in being there and loosing the sync with the game. 
But don't be thrown away from the game just yet, you can unlock some pretty cool songs, some of them are a bit slow but you can still groove with it, you still have the DDR songs remixed and DLC with the best of the previous games so its sure to say that it can still be played (except in a mode that you can't select the musics, and the most important mode one as well).

You have various options on how to play in the game to chose from, free dancing, club mode, move & step and dance off. Each of these are very specific to your needs in the game, so if you go to club mode, its like working for the best mark in the game and while your doing that you unlock other musics. This mode as one gigantic mistake in my opinion, which it selects you musics that aren't suited to be there at all, like Dancing in the Streets. I'm no American, and I don't have anything against them, but I really feel like the game wants me to be patriotic as we are dancing with the USA flag in the background all the time with a music that doesn't really suit much the game (maybe when the music was in its day).

In the Move & Step mode you take advantage of the Move Controller to hit the circles in the screen while dancing, and it might seem weird at first for some people you can see how funny it is when your actually playing and do a Saturday Night Fever dance move out of the blue, this increases the fun but also makes the game harder to play since you now need to synchronize hands and feet into doing move together while looking at the screen.
When talking about multiplayer we see two modes in this game, the Free Dancing which gives you the opportunity of getting 3 more mats and players to join in and compete against each other while Dance Off, you can do the same thing but only with one mat and taking turns to see who can steal the most arrows in the game. Unfortunately, not like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you can't join online and compete which is a shame and really tapped out in what could increase the longevity of the game, you not feeling sorry for yourself if you don't have anyone to play with around you.

On a quick note, there is also an option that makes you see how much Kcal you burn while dancing, this looks at all the modes in the game so you can slowly get slimmer while playing this game, there are even people who say it actually changed their lives.

In the end, Dance Dance Revolution is not a bad game to get if you can get interested by playing alone, or you have enough friends to go around your house and play it. The game itself isn't the best of the franchise but its really an OK game, if you have the chance to buy it on discount like myself, do it, if not and don't seem that much hyped about it, I really suggest you trying it out somewhere first before diving into what might be a bad buy for you.

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